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Awards for Young Musicians

Charanga and Awards for Young Musicians (AYM) are working together to help young people sustain their musical learning through the development of an online Individual Learning Plans (O-ILPs) feature embedded in the Yumu online learning area of the Charanga platform.

The project is inspired by AYM’s Furthering Talent programme, which supports students from low-income families whose whole-class music lessons are coming to an end. The programme enables them to continue making music, with students receiving weekly instrumental tuition for a minimum of two years and a learning plan to support them further.

Charanga is a strong advocate for personalised learning and providing children and young people with wider options to progress their learning beyond the traditional vertical instrumental pathway.

Helping more teachers to adopt an individualised learning plan approach and giving them the practical tools in the O-ILP and Yumu to do so, we believe, will encourage more young people to sustain their practical interest in music well beyond school and into a lifetime of engagement with music and the arts.