Our partnership ethos

When we develop a formal working relationship with a Music service, we put the local control of the Charanga platform into the hands of the service’s senior leadership team.

We provide you with your own-branded Charanga platform so that when schools, students and parents in your area use it, they can see your presence and find out more about your services.

Over time, your relationship with Charanga becomes a key asset; a gateway into the richness of everything you can provide.

A number of years ago, we made a decision to quite radically change our YMI offer and use Charanga as the main deliverer to provide the Primary target. It’s rolling out very, very successfully, as we assumed it would, but what has I think taken us by surprise, is how effective it is to pull together all the different music offers that local authorities have. So in Perth & Kinross, we’ve got the YMI provision, we’ve got the Instrumental Music provision, we’ve got the Visiting Specialists provision, and what goes on in the classroom in the Primaries as part of their curriculum. Charanga is a fantastic tool and mechanism for pulling all that together.

Allan Young, Music Coordinator for Perth & Kinross Council